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This blog is dedicated to Disney for all the memories it has created for me and all the times it has made my friends or I happy. Disney, a piece of childhood we will never let go. There is also the exception of Disney.PIXAR collaboration throughout these pages.

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Concept art of Beauty and the Beast

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Fantasia (1940) 

Fantasia (1940) 

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101 Dalmatians Scenery: England in Blue

101 Dalmatians Scenery: England in Blue

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Alice trying to escape from Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

This has always been one of my favorite Disney climax. What I like is that the movie pretty much ends with the hero escaping madness itself. Oh sure Alice wakes up and everything is fine, but what I mean is that in other Disney movies, the main hero defeats the villain, everything is set right and they find true love. The ending to Alice is a mad race of survival, and ends with the characters rushing at Alice in their worst manner possible. Quite an unique ending to a Disney movie.

What a beautiful set of gifs.

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